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Urban Forestry Organizations in the Bay Area and Beyond

The Benicia Tree Foundation is proud to be a part of a growing community of tree organizations in the Bay Area.

Benicia Tree Foundation

The Mission of the Benicia Tree Foundation is to strengthen community by promoting and supporting tree planting, maintenance, and education.


Canopy protects and grows the urban forest in Palo Alto, East Palo Alto, and neighboring communities.

California Urban Forests Council

Our vision is that California’s communities are cleaner, healthier and more prosperous through collaborative action and investments in urban forests and urban greening.

Friends of the Urban Forest

Friends of the Urban Forest’s mission is to promote a larger, healthier urban forest as part of San Francisco’s green infrastructure through community planting, tree care, education, and advocacy.

Our City Forest

The mission of Our City Forest is to cultivate a green and healthy San José metropolis by engaging community members in the appreciation, protection, growth and maintenance of our urban ecosystem, especially our urban forest.

California Oak Foundation

The California Oak Foundation’s (COF) mission for 20 years was to inform Californians about the importance of protecting and perpetuating the state’s native oak woodlands, wildlife habitats and watersheds.

California ReLeaf

Mission is to empower grassroots efforts and build strategic partnership that preserve, protect, and enhance California’s urban and community forests.

Alliance for Community Trees

To support grassroots, citizen-based nonprofit organizations dedicated to urban and community tree planting, care, conservation, and education.

American Forests

American Forests protects and restores forests, helping to preserve the health of our planet for the benefit of its inhabitants.

Map of tree organizations in the Bay Area (and beyond)

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