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The Partnership Way

It is essential for us to accomplish our goals through establishing organizational partnerships and collaborations across multiple sectors in the city of Benicia. Working with other groups, including the city, on activities consistent with our mission statement is a common thread that will touch everything we do. Some of our collaboration may involve filling gaps or complementing the work of other institutions in the city. For example, we may help the city and the school district provide analysis and planning for where none currently exists…looking at the overall issue of managing and developing the Benicia urban forest, developing plans for key components of the urban forest not covered in the city plan (e.g. Development of a BUSD tree plan), etc. We will seek any relevant opportunities to work with other community groups and the city of Benicia on activities consistent with our mission statement.

We support the idea of “Collective Impact,” an idea that is gaining national attention from diverse sectors. Click here to read a powerful article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review about this topic.

Tree Planting Project at Benicia High School
Tree Planting Project at Benicia High School