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Nearly 500 new trees planted in Benicia!

Benicia Tree Foundation is proud to announce that we have planted 479 new trees to develop Benicia’s Urban Forest!

160 of these trees, planted at Benicia High School and Joe Henderson Elementary School, have succesfully passed their “establishment” phase (first three years) and are doing well on their own! 80 more trees, planted at Robert Semple Elementary School will graduate from their establishment in February, 2016. Trees planted in 2013 and 2014 at Liberty High School, Matthew Turner Elementary School, Benicia National Guard Armory and other locations continue to grow and we are taking extra special care of them during this drought season. We are delighted with the results of our use of DriWater, an innovative product that provides time-released water to the trees’ roots.

We continue to hold volunteer tree maintenance events, to water, weed, mulch, prune and apply DriWater. Please lend a hand and protect our urban forest! Learn more about volunteer opportunities at our volunteer page.

Nearly 500 new trees planted in Benicia!
Nearly 500 new trees planted in Benicia!
Students at Benicia Community Day School stake trees and apply DriWater