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Benicia Grows a Wish Tree

Benicia Public Library now boasts a Wish Tree.  It is growing between the fountain and the sidewalk to the right of the library entrance.  Adjacent to the Wish Tree is a tool box where you will find tags, pencils and string for you to write your wish and then hang it on the tree. 

The Wish Tree is an Eagle Scout Project by Dion Miller-Garcia.  The tree was planted by Benicia Tree Foundation volunteers in 2021.  Dion secured permission to use the tree for her project, and then raised funds to install a sign, decorative tree lights, a wish tool box and to sustain its service to the community.  The Wish Tree provides a public venue for positive and creative expression by the community.

The Benicia Tree Foundation Board of Directors is pleased to see a tree from one of our community tree planting projects serve a new purpose as Benicia’s Wish Tree.  Next time you are by the library, give it a go and may your wish come true!

Benicia’s Wish Tree is surrounded by decorative rocks and lights-up at night.


Scout Dion Miller-Garcia (standing behind the sign) and some of the other scouts from Benicia’s Troop 9 by the Benicia Wish Tree.