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Benicia Library, After the Storm

Saturday morning was more windy than wet.

Most everyone arrived at 9 so we got started right away with a tree planting demonstration provided by Marcos Jaimie of the Benicia Parks and Community Services Department. Everyone was planting by 9:30, following Marcos’ technique. Eight trees were planted and 3 yards of mulch were spread around the new trees, and the Library entry. Tools were packed away by 11:30. Much appreciation to all the volunteers, including the Benicia High Key Club and Boy Scout Troop 007.

Volunteers who participated in the community tree planting project.
Two volunteers stand by their newly planted tree.
Volunteer installs ties to tree posts to support the tree during while it establishes itself in the next two years.
Three yards of mulch were spread around the eight trees to reduce competition from weeds and to retain soil moisture.
The mulch pile was gone by 11:30.