Arbor Day in Benicia (2012) - "A Thousand Trees, You and Me”

Benicia's Third Annual Arbor Day Celebration - October 20, 2012

Tree Challenge Winners 2012

2012 Tree Challenge Contest Winners Megan Klein and Lindsey Rainer

Dozens of Benicia students participated in this year's Tree Challenge, where students were required to submit a photo and accompanying caption of six words. All of the entries were inspiring and will be featured on notecards available to our volunteers! The winning submissions are below. Winners each received an iPad, presented by Mayor Patterson at the Arbor Day Celebration. Congratulations, Lindsey and Megan! 


part of hearts

"Part of life. Part of hearts."

Photo/caption by Megan Klein, grade 10 


From Earth to sky, life grows

"From Earth to sky, life grows."

Photo/caption by Lindsey Rainer, grade 8


Angela Jennings and Jonathan Park

Great Tree Challenge Contestant Winners Angela Jennings and Jonathan Park

Show Off Their Winning Artwork at the 2011 Benicia Arbor Day Celebration in Benicia City Park.

The entire community is invited to participate in Benicia’s Fourth Annual Arbor Day Celebration, “A Thousand Trees, You and Me,”  to be held in City Park on October 20, 2012, from 10am to 2pm. The Benicia Tree Foundation will serve as the lead host for this year’s event and is partnering with the City of Benicia and many local community organizations and local businesses. The Benicia Tree Foundation is working closely with the City of Benicia, sponsor of the event for the first two years, and has enjoyed the enthusiastic support of staff and council members. This event is an important annual tradition that is linked with Benicia's status as a Tree City USA.

"The Benicia Arbor Day event is a wonderful way to educate our citizens about the great trees we have and could have in our city.  Look for the California Native Plant Society booth for some great take home information on native trees that do well in our area.  We'll have plants for sale too!" -Sue Wickham, Plant sale chair, CNPS

This year’s theme was selected to reflect and support the ambitious goal we have chosen to plant 1,000 trees in the City of Benicia. Rather than view this big number of trees in the abstract, it is much more useful to bring it to the level of "you and me" because this is the level that trees get by one by every people like you and me. Our experience is re-affirmed each time we have a tree planting event: trees provide rich and rewarding opportunities to build and revitalize our community through tree planting, maintenance, and education. Tree planting is just one of the many ways the people of Benicia are collaborating to promote a better environment by addressing concerns in Benicia’s Climate Action Plan.   

In addition to a variety of tree related activities, the event will feature the Native Plant Society / Willis L. Jepson Chapter annual plant sale, which was a great success in previous year’s events. We also also bring Dawg Fathers, a local mobile food vendor to the event this year, so you can enjoy lunch under the beautiful trees in Benicia City Park.

Mayor Patterson

Mayor Patterson Hauls Away Plants from the Native Plant Society Sale

With a focus on youth, we will continue the tradition of an annual Tree-Challenge. We are encouraged by the tree planting efforts of the Benicia Scouts (Boys & Girls) in tree projects, and hope to highlight their efforts on behalf of trees in a significant way. 

Questions about the event? Email us by clicking here.

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Arbor Day Events (Tentative)

8 am     Set up

10 am    Event Starts

  • Opening Comments
  • Live Music, including Chris Grampp & Band

11 am   Awards & Acknowledgements

  • Awards to Youth for Urban Forestry activities & unveiling of new Tree-Keeper badge
  • Acknowledgement of Benicia Tree-Keepers

11:30am & 1:30pm Tree Tours with Ed Brennan 

2 pm   Event Ends

Activities (10 am to 2 pm)

  • Local Food
  • Educational Presentations
  • General information about trees, tree planting demo, tree walk
  • Native Plant Sale
  • Information about gardening and native plants
  • Art Activities
  • Display and Sale of local art & crafts
  • City of Benicia Master Tree Plan featured

Email Benicia Tree Foundation at for more information.