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Support Trees in Benicia Parks Survey

Do we need more trees in parks and open spaces, and along trails?

Community members can declare their support for tree planting in an online survey for the Parks Master Plan Update.  The survey was recently posted by the City of Benicia on the project’s website,  Residents are asked how they use our parks and their opinions on how parks can be improved.

Questions address the type of upgrades or additions you would like to see at existing parks, including more trees. The Benicia Tree Foundation has sponsored tree planting projects at Park Solano, Francesca Terrace Park, Channing Circle Park, Southampton Park and along the Rose Drive trail.  Your support for more trees in the survey will help us continue this work in the future.

The survey asks you to rate your level of support for various actions the city could take to improve the park, trail and open space system.  Actions include “invest in tree planting and maintenance,” and “restore barren planting areas, include native plants and habitat.”  The survey has the response option “other” where you can describe more specific actions, like more trees in city-owned open space.   For several years, the Benicia Tree Foundation has planted native trees in the Lake Herman Open Space.  Your support for tree planting, including native trees in open space, will help us continue this work.

The update on the Parks Master Plan began early this year.  The Benicia Tree Foundation participated in “focus group” meetings held for local stakeholder groups as reported previously on our website.  Your input will help determine park, trail and open space priorities for the community.  The survey will take 10-15 minutes.  We encourage everyone to participate in this planning process and advocate for more trees in our parks and open spaces, and along our trails.

Above: This group of volunteers planted 13 trees at Park Solano in October 2019.  If you think other parks in Benicia need more trees, let the city know through their online survey on