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Scout Installs Sign for Semple Trees

Benicia Tree Foundation was the beneficiary of Sam Miller’s Eagle Scout Project (pictured above), which involved installing a sign describing a tree planting project sponsored by Benicia Tree Foundation at Robert Semple Elementary School in 2013.  The trees surround the school playfield which is used by students, Little League and soccer teams.  The sign’s purpose is to educate users of the playfield on these trees and how they came to be planted.

Sam designed the sign, had it manufactured and installed the sign at the school.  He was also responsible getting approval from the school district  and raising the funds to complete the project (thank you Benicia Community Foundation!).  The sign was installed in July 2023.

As a bonus feature, Sam prepared letter-size signs for the individual tree species shown on the large sign and hung these smaller signs on a tree of that species planted at the playfield .

Sign describing the tree planting project at Robert Semple.


Sam’s crew that installed the sign at the Semple playfield.

Blue oak (Quercus douglasii) sign.


Coast live oak (Quercus agrifolia) sign.


Maidenhair tree (Ginkgo biloba) sign.