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Key Club Rescues Tree Care Day

BTF cancels event, then reopens it to volunteers willing to carry the trees and tools to the site. 

The event was cancelled because vehicle access to the site could not be obtained.  Then event organizer decided to re-open the event to volunteers without support from a vehicle.  Event organizers were surprised to see 16 volunteers show up.  Twelve of the volunteers were from the Benicia High School Key Club.  Volunteers grouped in teams of two and three to plant 15 tree saplings on a foggy Saturday morning.

The tree saplings were planted on a hillside where acorns and buckeye seeds were planted last year.  It was a tough year because only three out of 22 locations sprouted.  Saplings of Coast live oak (Quercus agrifolia), Blue oak (Q. douglasii) and Buckeye (Aesculus californica) were planted in the empty locations.  The Willis Linn Jepson Chapter of the California Native Plant Society grew the saplings at their nursery in Vallejo using seeds collected from the hills behind Benicia last year.

“I am really pleased to see the huge response from the Key Club members who helped salvage our Tree Care Day” said Alison Fleck, Benicia Tree Foundation board member.  “The rains storms made the soil very workable and easy for planting, and it was a nice hike out to the lake.”