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Environmental Leaders Help with Open Space Project

Benicia Tree Foundation hosts Sustainable Solano Youth Program

Participants in Sustainable Solano’s Youth Environmental Leadership Fellowship were given a hands-on tour of the Lake Herman Open Space project on Saturday, January 29, 2022.  Members of the Benicia Tree Foundation’s Board of Directors reviewed the history of the project and  demonstrated the tasks involved in expanding the oak woodlands around Lake Herman.

The youth inspected over 50 locations on a hillside where tree planting started in 2015.  Instruction was given on planting acorns in empty locations, weeding and mulching tree saplings, and installing and securing cages around maturing trees to protect them from predators.  Benicia Tree Foundation volunteer, Adacus Anderson, filmed the tour with his drone, and we are working on posting a video clip in the near future.

The Benicia Tree Foundation will be hosting Fellowship participants again at its urban greening project at Matthew Turner Elementary School when a Second Saturday Tree Care Day will be held on February 12, 2022, from  9am to Noon.  Tasks at the Tree Care Day will include planting trees, pruning trees, and weeding and mulching over 50 trees planted in 2017

Mulching a tree in a large tree cage.
Weeding a tree sapling.
Fellowship participant checking a tree cage used to protect saplings from voles.