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Class of 2012 Has Reunion with Trees

Graduates of Henderson Elementary kindergarten class visit trees they planted in 2012.

Now they are students at Benicia High, but in 2012 they were all in kindergarten and in one day planted dozens of trees around the Henderson school playfield as a class project.  Recently they got a chance to compare their growth with that of the trees they planted. 

The idea for this reunion came from one of the students who volunteered recently at a Tree Care Day sponsored by the Benicia Tree Foundation.  He thought other members of his kindergarten class might be interested in checking out the trees they planted back then.  The morning of September 25 was selected as the date for the reunion and Principal Kleinschmidt of Benicia High agreed to send out an invitation to the kindergarten graduates.

Promising a quick event, eight graduates from the 2012 kindergarten class showed up at 9AM that Saturday to find the tree they planted nine years ago and recall some memories with the classmates.  Parents of many of students showed-up too.  After some group and individual photos, and sharing of stories of what happened on planting day, everyone left to continue their day.  See below for photos from this event.

The trees, like the students, have matured and are taller.  Since 2015, the trees have been living on rainfall alone.  The Benicia Tree Foundation organizes a Tree Care Day once every year or so to mulch and prune the trees.    Click here to read more about the trees planted at the Joe Henderson Elementary School campus by the Benicia Tree Foundation.  If you are interested in being on the mailing list for Tree Care Day announcements, send an email to

Top Photo is Henderson Kindergarten Class of 2012 on tree planting day.

Girl Scouts from Henderson planted several trees. The left photo is the group in 2012 and the right photo is the some of the same group in 2022.


Left photo shows Malik as a kindergarten student with his mother planting Pistacia chinensis, right photo is Malik as a high school student by his tree.


High school student by her tree.


High school student by her tree.


High school student by his tree.


Group photo of Henderson kindergarten class of 2012 in front of their trees in 2022.