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City Requests Caltrans Replace Trees Removed from Freeways

Since 2005, Caltrans have removed over 400 trees from Benicia’s freeways.

At its June 2 meeting, the Benicia City Council unanimously approved a resolution requesting that Caltrans plant replacement trees along the freeways and work with the City and local organizations on other tree planting and maintenance projects.  Click here to read the City Council resolution.

The Benicia Tree Foundation raised the issue of Caltrans removal of trees from local freeways at a prior City Council meeting.  Click here to read the letter to the City Council. 

Since the letter was sent, City staff reported that the offices of State Senator Bill Dodd and Assemblymember Tim Grayson have arranged meetings with Caltrans to discuss potential solutions

Mayor Elizabeth Patterson said she was contacted by a resident about the recent removal of vegetation at the north end of the Carquinez Bridge, so the Council expanded the resolution to request restoration planting at this location on I-80.  Over the past two years, the Benicia Tree Foundation has requested approval of tree planting and maintenance projects through the Caltrans Adopt-A Highway program without success.

“Hopefully the resolution will form the basis of constructive discussions between the City and Caltrans for tree replacement on our freeways and improved care for trees in the 680/780 interchange area at the north end of the Benicia Bridge,” said Alison Fleck, President of the Benicia Tree Foundation.