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Benicia Veteran’s Hall

New Trees to Reduce Cooling Costs and Water Use

July, 2014 Three Ginkgo Biloba trees were planted at the Benicia Veteran’s Hall to provide shade to the building’s western wall. Previously exposed to direct sunlight for most of the day, this wall includes windows to a frequently used meeting space, creating a hefty expense in cooling costs each year. As these trees grow and provide shade they will reduce the cooling costs significantly, as well as reducing the amount of water needed for the lawn which will also be shaded by the trees in the Summer months.

Team RisingSunEnergyCenter provided the volunteers to plant the trees. The event marked the start of RisingSun’s Benicia project, training and employing high school students to do free energy and water assessments for Benicians. RisingSun also provides free water and energy saving devices, testing and other services. To learn more visit or phone 510-665-1501 ext. 5