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Benicia State Recreation Area Project

In 2014, the Benicia Tree Foundation asked the state rangers at the Benicia State Recreation Area is we could plant trees in the state park and submitted for their review Google aerial maps with locations for about 78 trees. State Parks staff said the General Plan for BSRA had the primary goal to maintain the parks views and open vistas, so only limited tree planting was permitted. The state approved 22 locations for native trees sourced from trees in the area to preserve the genetic integrity of local native plant species.

The Benicia Tree Foundation collected acorns and buckeye seeds from th e Lopes Road area, and has trees sprouted in a nursery for planting the next year. On October 17, 2015 the Benicia Tree Foundation organized a 2015 Arbor Day tree planting project at BSRA). Volunteers planted twelve coast live oaks and California buckeyes just above the San Francisco Bay Trail near the PG&E power substation. On December 5, 2015, ten more trees were planted in other areas of the park that were approved by State Park staff.

Tree Care Days were subsequently organized to water newly planted saplings during the dry season for the next two or three years.  We used Dri-Water cannisters to helped extend soil moisture levels and reduce the need for supplemental water.  Two Dri-Water canniters per tree allowed  supplemental watering to occur every two months, with each tree sapling receiving 2 gallons of water.

Several trees died and were replanted directly from seed.  Annual Tree Care Days are organized at BSRA every six to 12 months to check on the trees and perform minor maintenance tasks (e.g. mulching and pruning).  

Volunteers planting trees at BSRA
Coast live oak sprouting from acorn.


Volunteers maintaining a California buckeye sapling during a Tree Care Day at BSRA.
Volunteers with an oak sapling during a Tree Care Day at BSRA.