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Big backyard crop? Call the Girl Scouts

By Donna Beth Weilenman, Staff Reporter

Some Benicia Girl Scouts are hoping residents with overloaded fruit trees will be willing to share their bounty.

The girls are offering to pick the extra fruit for donation to the Community Action Council.

Girl Scout Troop 20634, made up of 10 fifth-grade girls, has chosen the project in hopes of earning a Bronze Award, what Scouting calls a leadership adventure and the highest honor for Girl Scout Juniors.

“We’ll pick the fruit off trees that are overloaded, and donate them to the CAC,” said Kristina Flores, 10, a member of the troop.

The fruit will help CAC, a partnership that supplies a variety of services to Benicians who have become economically disadvantaged.

But Kristina said the troop has even more good works associated with their chosen project.

“Another reason is to help people who can’t pick their own fruit,” she said.

The Girl Scouts picked the project after going on an outing, Kristina said. The members talked about possible Bronze Award endeavors.

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