The Great 2011 Benicia Tree Art & Science Challenge Asks Students to Think Out of Box

out of the boxCONGRATULATIONS to Jonathan Park and Angela Jennings, winners of the 2011 Art Challenge. No entries were submitted for the Science Challenge.

Are you a student who thinks out of the box?

Then consider putting your brain power to work and win an Ipad with your artistic or scientific talent. The Benicia Tree Foundation and the City of Benicia in collaboration with the Benicia Unified School District are presenting a creative and intellectual challenge to aspiring artists and scientists. 

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Our apologies - there was an error on the Google Doc - Registration form that has been corrected. 

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The deadline for submittals is October 7, 2011 and the finalists will be announced at the Arbor Day event in Benicia City Park on Saturday, October 15, 2011. Finalists must be present at the Arbor Day event in order to win.

The school attended by the winning student will also be awarded a plaque, honoring the creative and intellectual accomplishment of the winning student. Students must reside and attend a school in Benicia.

Please visit for more details.


May I submit more than one entry?

Yes, we certainly are not interested in standing in the way of inspiration and motivation.

What email address do I use to submit my entry?

There is a release form required for all entries. Where do I download this and where do I send it?

Click here for the form. Email the completed and signed form to or fax it to (707) 745-4546.

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Amanda Radtke

Amanda Radtke, Winner of the 2010 Tree Science Challenge.

ART and SCIENCE CHALLENGE FLYERS 2011 FINAL 8.5 x 11 + 4 UPS.pdf2.01 MB
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