Joe Henderson Elementary Tree Planting Project

A tree planting project is afoot at Joe Henderson Elementary School. The Benicia Tree Foundation has been awarded a grant from CA ReLeaf to support the project that will involve planting 80 trees on the campus.

The final 23 of a total 80 trees were planted on March 20, 2012 by all four First Grade Classes. Stay tuned for future events that will involve maintenance and care of these trees.

The Parent Teacher Group (PTG) at Joe Henderson Elementary is fully engaged on the project. Here they all are at an innaugural meeting wherein Wolfram Alderson presented details about the project and a committee was established to support the project:

Joe Henderson Elementary School PTG

Joe Henderson Elementary School Tree Planting Project Highlights:

  1. Benicia Tree Foundation (BTF) – BUSD School Forestry Partnership: BHS Project implemented.
  2. BTF – Founded by Benicians for Benicians: Community building is our number one goal.
  3. Henderson Project driven by parent interest, student & teacher engagement, BUSD support
  4. Funding: CA Releaf @ $5,450 – Billable Grant, possible PG&E funding pending. Other support in-kind and leveraged from local businesses and sponsors. Community build approach maximizes impact and leverages resources. Budget built on multiple sources of funding.
  5. Key Project elements: 80 trees x 1250’ of windbreak, educational component, coordination with BUSD staff, irrigation system adaptation, signage.
  6. Students and volunteers will have central role in planting and maintaining trees…engaging students & volunteers in hands on service learning opportunities that promote civic leadership. New Benicia Tree-Keeper patch is now available. Idea of connecting entire Kindergarten class to the project – each tree to have student champion.
  7. Students (“sensitive receptors”) at higher risk than adults when considering air quality and pollution in Benicia. Benicia has 4th highest Ozone levels in the Bay Area.
  8. Project consultants include a Consulting Arborist and Landscape Architect and Executive Director with more than 30 years experience.
  9. Human and environmental benefits of the project: Rigorous outdoor exercise, C02 reduction, cooling, air quality, etc.
  10. Benicia Tree Foundation is a nonprofit 501c3 organization, Certification of project by a Consulting Arborist.
  11. Background of BTF, Board Members, Executive Director available on BTF website.
  12. A Google project site has been set up at with detailed information about the project.
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