Benicia's Annual Tree Challenge - 2012

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNERS - Megan Klein and Lindsey Rainer!

Tree Challenge Winners 2012


The 2012 Tree Challenge contest required contestants to submit six words and a photo to become eligible to win an iPad and to receive community recognition. The contest was open to Benicia's middle school and high school students.


The winning entries were submitted by Megan Klein, grade 10 and Lindsey Rainer, grade 8. The winners were each presented with an iPad and congratulated by Mayor Patterson at Benicia's Annual Arbor Day Celebration on October 20, 2012. Their winning photos and captions appear below.


From Earth to sky, life grows

"From Earth to sky, life grows."

by Lindsey Rainer



Part of life, part of hearts

"Part of Life, Part of Hearts."

by Megan Klein







Any student residing in Benicia and attending a school (6th through 12th grade – Benicia Unified School District or a private school) in Benicia is eligible to participate.


Choose a tree in Benicia that is meaningful to you. It could be a tree in your backyard, your neighborhood, at a park, or one you set out to discover for this project. Just make sure it’s located in the City of Benicia.

Photograph your tree.

Any camera, any format, any size will do. Use your cell phone camera, a point-and-shoot, or professional equipment. Compose your photo any way you’d like – photograph the entire tree, or just a detail. Choose your favorite photo to submit.  We need the photo to be submitted in a digital format (jpg), attached to an email (see instructions below).

All entries must be original photos taken by the student.

Each person may submit only one tree photograph.


Tell us why this tree is important to you in a six-word story -- no more, no less! Be literal, be poetic, or be metaphorical, but please use precisely six words. Inspire us about what inspires you about this tree (or trees). There are many websites featuring six-word stories; for example: Here are a couple of examples from this website: Trees at every home so far” and “I miss mountains, but love trees.” 

This annual tree challenge was inspired by the artist Angela Filo and her project “Palo Alto Forest,” sponsored by the Palo Alto Art Center, and Canopy. We are grateful for receiving Angela’s blessing to use her project as the inspiration for our annual tree challenge.

For some great examples of what we are looking for (photos + text), visit the Palo Alto Forest online gallery by clicking here.


Included in your email:

1. Your six-word story about your tree(s), and a digital photograph of your tree(s) (attach as a jpg).

2. Your first and last name. Also provide your:

  • Age
  • Grade level:
  • School attending:
  • Name of a teacher or mentor (if there is a teacher or mentor that guided you or encouraged you on your project--we intend to honor them, if they are credited by you.

3. We do plan to share your work on our website and in future publications. Please review the following statement along with a parent or legal guardian, regarding the usage of your photos and text:

By submitting a photograph, I (parent or legal guardian) authorize the Benicia Tree Foundation to use, reproduce, alter, and / or publish the photos and accompanying text for incorporation into media used by the Benicia Tree Foundation. On behalf of my child, I relinquish all control over the images and waive any right to assert a claim against the Benicia Tree Foundation in connection with the use of the photos and accompanying text. I recognize that the Benicia Tree Foundation shall own all rights in any artwork or media that incorporates photos or text covered under this authorization.


Provide Parent or Legal Guardian Information



Phone number:

Please copy and paste the above statement and information into your email along with the other requested information.

 4. Send email to Please type “2012 Annual Tree Challenge” into the subject header of the email. Questions? Click here to email us or visit our website at



The City of Benicia and the Benicia Tree Foundation will be awarding TWO iPads to TWO winners in this contest. The winners will be chosen by a committee composed of leaders in the Benicia Community. Names of the participants or other identifying information will not be included when the judges review the entries to maintain objectivity.

Winning applicants must be present at Benicia’s Annual Arbor Day Celebration on Saturday, October 20, 2012 in City Park in order to win. The award announcements will be made at 11am. Winners will receive awards from City Officials and will be photographed with their winning entries.

Want to download a flier featuring this announcement? Please see link below.

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