Trees Planted at Community Center

February 19, 2021

Two Crepe myrtle "Twilights" and one Chinese Pistache "Red Push" planted.

Seven volunteers attended the Benicia Tree Foundation's Third Thursday Tree Care Day on February 18 at the Benicia Community Center.  The Crepe myrtles were planted by the flag pole and the Red Push was planted in a utility parking area.  The trees were donated by two of our volunteers.

The next task tackled by the volunteers was pruning 12 trees in the right-of-way of East K Street which was abandoned many  years ago to enlarge the Mills Elementary School campus.  We were surprised to find three of the Coast Live Oaks had been pruned into globes by someone with a hedgetrimmer.  This is NOT how to prune a tree!

The Benicia Tree Foundation is planning to hold a tree pruning clinic next month.

Community Center Tree Care Day

Photo above - volunteers stand by one of the Crepe myrtles planted at the Benicia Community Center during February's Third Thursday Tree Care Day. The photos below are Coast Live Oak trees planted in the old East K Street right-of-way in 2014 that were pruned into globes by someone using a hedge trimmer.  Can these trees recover from this hacking?

Community Center Tree Care DAy

Community Center Tree Care Day

Community Center Tree Care Day