Tree Pruning Tips

January 5, 2020

Quick Tips for Pruning Your Tree this Winter - Under the Solano Sun, by UC Master Gardeners of Solano County

Benicia Tree Foundation has some detailed information on this website for tree pruning.  UC Master Gardeners of Solano County issues a weekly email called Under the Solano Sun, which features horticultural news and articles relevant to Solano County.  Their January 4th email included a brief article on pruning tips for the beginner.  READ MORE

The above image is from The Pruning Book, by L.H. Bailey (5th ed. 1903).  The drawing represents a dwarf pear tree before (left) and after (right) pruning.  Initial growth was not trained properly since it is without a well-marked leader and instead has two main branches that form a narrow crotch.  When pruned, two sprouts were left, which will allow the tree to eventually develop four scaffold branches - but it will never be a model tree.