Summer Tree Care Days

September 3, 2019

The schedule for Tree Care Days slows down in the summer for the Benicia Tree Foundation.  Tasks are limited to watering trees that are still in their establishment period.

In June we had Tree Care Day at Mary Farmar and Benicia High.  The campuses are adjacent to each other and each had trees that were planted last winter and needed watering.  At Benicia High were were watering acorns that sprouted last winter.  We planted at 18 locations and 16 spouted with Coast live oak saplings.

live oak sapling at Benicia High School

June Tree Care Day included watering tree saplings at Benicia High that sprouted from acorns planted in January 

In July we had a Tree Care Day at Lake Herman, where we had about 40 Coast live oak saplings that sprouted during the last two winters.  There was still water in the tank so we stopped by Matthew Turner School and Henderson School to water trees that were planted last winter.  The some of the trees at Matthew Turner are struggling, but their still alive.

July 2019 Tree Care Day

July Tree Care Day included checking on the trees at planted at Matthew Turner Elementary School last December.

In August we had another Tree Care Day at Lake Herman, and again we had water left over in the tank so we watered the trees at Mary Farmar.  The summer heat caused two of the Crape myrtles to loose their leaves, but the wood is still green so we hope they recover.

Volunteers from Sonoma Raceway helped water trees at the Lake Herman Open Space project for our Tree Care Day in August.