Tips on California Oak Trees

November 2, 2019

Oak Tree Beauties - Under the Solano Sun, by UC Master Gardeners of Solano County

Oak trees are found throughout California.   Over 20% of the trees planted by the Benicia Tree Foundation are native oaks, and they are included on the City's palette of recomended trees.  UC Master Gardeners of Solano County issues a weekly email called Under the Solano Sun, which features horticultural news and articles relevant to Solano County.  Their November 2nd email included an article about the merits of our native oak species and resources that could help you decide whether this tree is right for your tree project, or how to care for the oak tree you already have.  READ MORE

Quercus agrifolia

Quercus agrifolia at our Benicia High School project site that received some structural pruning last summer.