Ginkgo biloba - The Survivor

November 9, 2019

Ginkgo, the Survivor - Under the Solano Sun, by UC Master Gardeners of Solano County

Ginkgo biloba (Maidenhair tree) is a great street tree.  The Benicia Tree Foundation has used them in three projects.  They seemed to do best when planted in 15-gallon containers.  They are still a little fragile when we have bought them in 5-gallon containers.  It is on the City's palette of recomended trees, and there is a beautiful one in front of the City Gymnasium by the library.  UC Master Gardeners of Solano County issues a weekly email called Under the Solano Sun, which features horticultural news and articles relevant to Solano County.  Their November 9 email included an article with some interesting history on this species.  READ MORE


We planted 12 Ginkgo biloba trees (on the left in photo) on Rose Drive for Arbor Day in 2017, all are growing fine.