Be a Benicia Tree Keeper

September 30, 2020

The Benicia Tree Foundation has helped scores of Benicia residents choose the right tree for the right place on their property through the Benicia Tree Keeper Program, which also includes instruction on planting and maintenance. 

Chris and Cecile McNulty are the most recent Benicia Tree Keepers.  They called the Benicia Tree Foundation asking for advice on trees that would provide privacy for their backyard.  A Bencia Tree  Foundation volunteer came to their home and discussed their goals and the type of trees they wanted.  They were provided with a several alternatives and the option of making a donation to the Benicia Tree Foundation that would allow them to purchase their trees at discount prices.

"Many thanks to the Benicia Tree Foundation for your guidance in helping us select tree and hedge types for our landscaping" said Chris McNulty.

Give us a call at 745-4546 or send an email to if you would like to become a Benicia Tree Keeper.

Homeowners Chris  and Cecile McNulty chose a combination of small multi-trunked trees to form a hedge along their backyard fence for privacy.


Crepe myrtle

The McNulty's stand by one of three Crepe myrtles they planted between their backyard fence and the street.