Expert on Oak Trees to Discuss Threat to Oak Trees in Benicia

2011 7:00 pm
2011 9:00 pm

The public is being invited to hear a free talk by Dr. Ted Swiecki, a recognized as a statewide expert on California oaks, who will discuss threats to oak trees and actions that can be used to counter these threats and restore dwindling stands of oak woodlands. The presentation will be held at Benicia’s Heritage Presbyterian Church community room, located at 1400 East 2nd Street on May 23, 2011 at 7pm. The talk will highlight recent research on sudden oak death, gold-spotted oak borer, and local oak restoration projects.

Dr. Swiecki is one of the founders of the Vacaville Tree Foundation, a volunteer organization that actively participates in the protection and restoration of local native plant communities and other community forestry issues and projects.   “I am pleased to know that Benicia has a tree foundation and look forward to sharing ideas on how to improve our urban forests.”

Oaks are in the top ten tree species recently inventoried in the municipal tree inventory and are known for their beauty, strength and durability. However, they are threatened by pests, diseases and careless land management practices.  The California Native Plant Society and the Benicia Tree Foundation are co-sponsoring the event in order to gain a deeper understanding of these threats to native oaks.

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Dr. Ted Swiecki

Oak expert Ted Swiecki takes samples of a canker in a California Live Oak suffering from Sudden Oak Death Syndrome.

Majestic California Valley Oaks feature a distinctive winter profile.

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