Heritage Tree #1: Native California Coast Live Oak (Quercus Agrifolia) in Jensen Park

Heritage Tree #1

The first Heritage Tree in Benicia is a Native California Coast Live Oak (Quercus Agrifolia). The application was submitted by the Benicia Tree Foundation and approved March 15, 2011 by the Benicia City Council. The tree is located in Jensen Park near the intersection of W. 2nd Street and W. K Street. The tree meets all the key criteria for qualifying as a Heritage Tree: 

Heritage Trees in Benicia

What is a Heritage Tree?

Tree Palette - City of Benicia

City of Benicia - Tree Palette

This tree palette is based on an inventory of trees found growing in city parks and right-of-way.  Trees that are suitable for Benicia, but are not widely used, are also included.  The intent of the tree palette is to provide the widest range of tree choices for Benicia residents.


The Benicia Tree Foundation is planning a year round schedule of special events, workshops, presentations.

Past Events

The Benicia Tree Foundation has sponsored numerous special events, workshops, presentations.

Programs Overview

On a year-round basis, the Benicia Tree Foundation strives to offer an innovative, integrated, and engaging range of programs focused on building community and a vibrant urban forest. Health and sustainability will be promoted through tree planting, tree maintenance, and environmental education programs that result in significant and measurable improvements in Benicia’s urban forest and reduction of Benicia’s CO2 footprint. We envision that all Benician’s will have the opportunity to participate in enhancing and enjoying the urban forest, regardless of income, or property owner status.