Girl Scout Troops 20634 and 20304 Will Help Pick Your Fruit and Donate the Harvest to a Good Cause

Girl Scout Troop 20634

Photo above taken at Benicia's Third Annual Arbor Day Celebration held October 15, 2011 in City Park.

Got Fruit?

  • Do you have orange, apple, lemon or other fruit trees?
  • Do you have more than you need?
  • Do you need some help picking your fruit?
  • Do you want to help your community?

Winners of the 2011 Benicia Tree Art Challenge

Two talented young artists won iPads for their participation in the Benicia Tree Art Challenge at Benicia’s Third Annual Arbor Day Celebration Saturday, October 15, 2011. Jonathan Park, an eighth grade student at Benicia Middle School received first prize for his graphite rendering of trees in City Park from Mayor Elizabeth Patterson and Angela Jennings, eighth grade student at Benicia Middle School received second prize for her rendering of a tree at the historic Lundin House from Vice Mayor Alan Schwartzman.

2011 Art Challenge Asks Young Artists in Benicia to Inspire Us About Our Community Trees

Fifth to Eighth grade students residing and attending schools in Benicia are eligible to win an IPad if their work of art is judged to be the most compelling and inspiring illumination of the beauty found in Benicia Trees, as determined by leading artists and civic leaders in the community.

Sue Wilson Painting

2011 Tree Science Challenge in Benicia


The Great 2011 Benicia Tree Art & Science Challenge Asks Students to Think Out of Box

out of the boxCONGRATULATIONS to Jonathan Park and Angela Jennings, winners of the 2011 Art Challenge. No entries were submitted for the Science Challenge.

Are you a student who thinks out of the box?

Trees in Benicia

Want to know more about trees in Benicia? Then you have come to the right place!

Let's start with the top ten trees found in City parks and other City property in Benicia, as indicated in the Municipal Tree Inventory:

Top Ten Species of Trees, based on the number planted, in City of Benicia - Municipal Tree Inventory

Botanical Name

Common Name

Benicia's Tree Keepers - Roster

1. Anabelle Marie Cruz and her husband Dale Robbins were the first to become Benicia Tree Keepers. (picture below) Anabelle also happens to be the founder of the Voena Choir. The amazing Voena Choir performed at the 2011 Arbor Day Celebration in Benicia. The Benicia Tree Foundation along with their neighbors helped to plant the following tree species in their home landscape: