Girl Scouts - Forever Green

The theme for the Girl Scouts this year is Forever Green. The Benicia Girl Scouts are living up to this theme in a big way.

The Scouts have already participated in 2 tree plantings and earned their tree badges.

The Benicia Tree Foundation truly appreciates this support.


Girl Scouts at work

Benicia Community Gardens - Our Community Gardening Partner

Benicia Community Gardeners

The mission of Benicia Community Gardens is to encourage and enable local citizens to establish and care for gardens throughout the city that provide ongoing sources of healthful food, fellowship, beauty and discovery.

Contact Benicia Community Gardens by clicking here.

Brad Adams Recycles Trees Into Art

Brad Adams Interviewed by Wolfram Alderson

Brad Adams Studio in Benicia, March 3, 2011

Brad Adams

Brad Adams Turning on His Lathe
(Photo by Wolfram Alderson)

How did you end being a wood turner – artist? Please describe yourself.

The Partnership Way

It is essential for us to accomplish our goals through establishing organizational partnerships and collaborations across multiple sectors in the city of Benicia. Working with other groups, including the city, on activities consistent with our mission statement is a common thread that will touch everything we do. Some of our collaboration may involve filling gaps or complementing the work of other institutions in the city.

Bonnie Weidel, Poet and Volunteer Advisor to the Benicia Tree Foundation



As leaves on trees, we come and go,

our colors yellow, green or red,

our shapes and sizes

oval, pinnate, round.

We dance on the breeze,

we rustle in the wind,

we shade plants below.


As leaves we bud,

burst forth on limbs,

unruffle into space.

As leaves we hover

through hot summers

and together make a place

in which birds hide.


In autumn

all this service ends

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