The Partnership Way

It is essential for us to accomplish our goals through establishing organizational partnerships and collaborations across multiple sectors in the city of Benicia. Working with other groups, including the city, on activities consistent with our mission statement is a common thread that will touch everything we do. Some of our collaboration may involve filling gaps or complementing the work of other institutions in the city. For example, we may help the city and the school district provide analysis and planning for where none currently exists…looking at the overall issue of managing and developing the Benicia urban forest, developing plans for key components of the urban forest not covered in the city plan (e.g. Development of a BUSD tree plan), etc. We will seek any relevant opportunities to work with other community groups and the city of Benicia on activities consistent with our mission statement.

We support the idea of "Collective Impact," an idea that is gaining national attention from diverse sectors. Click here to read a powerful article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review about this topic.

Tree Planting Project at Benicia High School

Some of our partners and advisors include:


  • California ReLeaf - The Benicia Tree Foundation is a member of California ReLeaf, a statewide organization that works to promote alliances among community-based groups, individuals, and encouraging each to contribute to the livability of our cities and the protection of our environment by planting and caring for trees.

California ReLeaf Logo

  • City of Benicia: Benicia Tree Report - City staff presented the Tree Report to the City Council for adoption on September 15, 2009. The Tree Report chronicles the history, actions and recommendations of community members, City staff, and arboriculture professionals charged with the task of developing Benicia’s tree program. You can download a copy of the Tree Report here. Information regarding the City of Benicia Tree Ordinance, Tree Removal Permit, Tree Trimming Permit, Heritage Tree Application, Tree Report, and Tree Inventory & Master Plan are available on the City of Benicia website.
  • Benicia Unified School District
  • Benicia High School (Garden Club, Green Academy)
  • California Native Plant Society Willis Jepson Chapter
  • Benicia Girl Scouts
  • Benicia Community Gardens
  • Benicia State Parks Association - Forrest Deaner Native Plant Garden
  • Benicia Fire Department
  • Arts Benicia



  • U.S. Forest Service and Pacific Gas & Electric funded Fall Arbor Days in 2018 at Joe Henderson Elementary School, Matthew Turner Elementary School, and Mary Farmar Elementary School.

  • CCL Organics has most generously offered to donate mulch and other materials to Benicia Tree Foundation projects. Benicia is very fortunate to have this green business in town. They convert green waste into a wide variety of materials that are recycled back into the environment. Our favorite is CCL Organics product is "Midnight Mulch." It is rich stuff, loaded with organic matter and nutrients and biologically active - a real soil builder. It lays down and stays down and we like that!

 CCL Organics / Organic SolutionsCCL Organic Solutions

  • Pedrotti Ace Hardware has donated funds for tools.

  • Valero Benicia Refinery awarded the Benicia Tree Foundation with a grant from their Local Charitable Giving Program in 2018 and 2019.


Local Media

All of these news organizations have published articles about the work of the Benicia Tree Foundation. We provide links to these articles on our website (click here).
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